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“Our values define how we do business and interact with our colleagues, clients, partners and vendors, amongst other stakeholders. Our core values are the key principles that guide our conduct and relationships.”

Relationship Capital Management

Relationship Capital is an emerging field in the management world. The concept simply means “the totality of an organisation’s connectivity to the marketplace, both directly and indirectly.”  The process by which organisations identify, analyse, evaluate and deploy their Relationship Capital is referred to as Relationship Capital Management (RCM). What LeishTon BoardGovTM provides is a platform that enables organisations, organisations operating in the countries contained in the LeishTonBoardGov database, to have a holistic view of their relationship capital.  The benefit for organisations is simple. They are able to transparently view individuals in isolation and the connectivity of those individuals in the marketplace. For example, if a company called Iglaxia Limited is interested in a target company called Aberod Limited, then Iglaxia Limited can use the LeishTon BoardGovTM database as a platform to identify a board member or an individual in the senior management team of another company called Sowetos Limited whom Iglaxia Limited has an existing relationship with, and who is connected to Aberod Limited, the target company, or even a particular director in Aberod Limited.

Although the above scenario and other similar relationships can be established without a database such as the LeishTon BoardGovTM database, however, what such platforms provide is the capacity to deliver results within few seconds or minutes. There is a possibility that in the absence of a platform such as the LeishTon BoardGovTM database, it could take days, weeks, months or even years to establish the existence of a relationship in the above scenario.  Thus, the LeishTon BoardGovTM database can be used:

   As a veritable tool and a platform by organisations to acquire a unique knowledge that can act as a catalyst for enhanced decision making; and

   To impact business initiatives, build long-term relationship franchise value, improve clients’ development activities, and contextualise and identify optimal relationship strategy.