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LeishTon BoardGovTM is a trademark of LeishTon Consulting &BoardGov Limited (LeishTon), a closely knit, privately-held and forward-thinking company offering consulting, research, training and corporate governance data solutions to its esteemed clients in Nigeria, West Africa, Africa and beyond. LeishTon operates from its office in Lagos. LeishTonBoardGovTM’s primary aim is to provide its clients with a highly accurate and robust corporate/board governance, accounting performance and ‘market performance’ database that:

   Can be relied upon and used by academic and non-academic researchers to generate corporate/board governance, accounting performance and ‘market performance’ data (GovData) for conducting research requiring corporate/board governance, accounting performance and market performance variables;

   Enables lecturers and students to access high quality corporate/board governance, accounting performance and market performance data that are used widely in educational (academic) and non-educational institutions;

   Enables individuals in the private sector to engage in effective relationship capital management;

   Allows lecturers to demonstrate recent developments in corporate governance to students in several courses;

   Enables students to utilisecorporate/board governance, accounting performance and market performancedata for high quality research projects, dissertations and/or theses, in various settings;

  Has the potential to enhance and enrich the education of students who are interested in corporate governance research; and

   Can make possible the creation of corporate governance related case studies through the utilisation of real world data.

LeishTon BoardGovTM provides vast data on corporate/board governance, accounting performance and market performancewhich are used primarily for research and relationship capital management purposes. In specific terms, it provides high quality data such as board size, board diversity, duality, number of board meetings, board structure, committees’ structure, external auditor, profit before tax (PBT), profit after tax (PAT), profit before interest, depreciation and amortisation (EBIDA), shareholders’ fund (SHF), total assets, total revenue (total earnings), earning per share (EPS), dividend per share (DPS), etc. The database contains in-depth and comprehensive profile of all directors of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) listed companies from 2010. It also contains historical and current profile of directors of all listed companies in Anglophone countries in West Africa, East Africa and Southern Africa from 2010. The data are updated on a daily basis. The intention is to extend the data collection in the nearest future to all senior management employees of all companies contained in the database, rather than just board members, and to also extend the data collection to other non-listed companies on a sector/industry by sector/industry basis.

For Relationship Capital Management (RCM) purposes, LeishTonBoardGovTM’s database can be a useful source for individual contacts and can open up opportunities for finding individual contacts. The database can also be used to identify potential candidates for senior management and board positions. Thus, the LeishTon BoardGovTM database is a readily available platform and veritable tool for RCM.

The database will be appropriate for several faculties in academic institutions across Africa and beyond, including, but not limited to, Business/Business Administration Faculty, Social Sciences Faculty, Law Faculty and Environmental Faculty. Academic institutions, research institutions, private institutions and public institutions in Africa and beyond will find the LeishTon BoardGovTM database and LeishTonGovData to be of utmost benefit.

LeishTonGovData is not industry specific nor was it designed for any particular industry. It has the potential to meet the corporate governance data needs of all industry. Thus, educational and academic institutions, research institutions, private institutions, public institutions and not-for-profit institutions can use LeishTonGovData generated from the LeishTon BoardGovTM database to enhance decision making. Consultants, lawyers, investment advisors, corporate governance practitioners, solicitors and other professional who do not operate under any company platform or structure, will also find the LeishTon BoardGovTM and LeishTonGovData very beneficial.

LeishTon BoardGovTM operates from Lagos, Nigeria, providing subscription-based solutions to educational/academic, research, private, public and not-for-profit institutions in Nigeria, West Africa, Africa and beyond.

LeishTon Data Analysts gather information from reliable sources only, verifying those information from multiple sources before entering the validated information into the database. Thus, data entered into the LeishTon BoardGovTM database are of high quality, reliable and accurate.

We would also strive to deliver uninterrupted services. LeishTon believes that building a resilient database will guarantee its serve excellence objective.

“Our jobs have that ‘personal touch.’ We give our clients individualised attention and it makes a big difference in terms of progression and accountability.”